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Meet The Team

NBPS was in 2018 when Natasha (Center), or as she is known by many “Wonder Woman,” and Michael (Left) wanted a successful career without the constants of a 9-5 job. Natasha and Michael started this company working with social media based clientele and began to expand into working with C level executives, start up founders, creative entrepreneurs, and podcasters. Elizabeth (Right) joined the team in 2019 and helped begin the growth and expansion of the NBPS Team. The team is now beginning to coach others on how to build a  successful virtual career as well as how to expand and restructure your business.

What Can We Do For You?

Here at NBPS we cover a wide variety of different skill sets and talents!

At NBPS Virtual Staffing we work hand in hand with CEO’s and Business Owners in order to help their businesses run smoothly and grow efficiently. 

NBPS began our journey with social media management and marketing. We assist a wide variety of clientele new to the business world and those that are well established in the business community. 

One of the things NBPS prides ourselves on is Project Management. We assist anyone from CEO’s to Solopreneur’s in managing any and all projects they throw our way. 

NBPS is not new to the world of website design. The website you are on now was built by one of our owners. We can help build and design a site for whatever business pursuit you find yourself on. If needed, we can also help to update and modernize your current website.

At NBPS we know that sometimes you don’t necessarily need someone to manage your day, but need someone who can help lead you into the business world and help you grow. We have a specialist on our team who has built a pretty confident business for herself and is willing to help you do the same. 

NBPS knows that not everyone is meant for a 9-5 job. If you are interested in stepping out of that box and taking on clients yourself, we offer a great 8 week course to prepare and teach you everything you would need to know to work in this realm!

Trusted by CEO’s and Entrepreneurs
Throughout the Country


Thoughtful and Diligent

“Michael is a thoughtful and diligent assistant, and willing to keep at a task to get the job done. He is organized and calm, and able to change directions as needed. Nothing seemed to faze him even when the week was frantic. Michael can handle whatever request you have of him, and handle it quickly.

Amy L.

Amy Latta Coaching

Conscientious and Kind

“I've had the great pleasure of working with Natasha on several projects--from starting a new nonprofit organization to planning conferences. She is a delight to work with! She is conscientious and kind--always ready with an encouraging word. She knows how to surround herself with quality people who are as driven as she is. She is a master at time management and a creative problem-solver. You will love working with her!”

Becky C.

Virtual Executive Director

Wonder Woman 

“There is a very good reason Natasha has the reputation of being "Wonder Woman". It's as if she is everywhere at all times. I have been privileged to work with her on several recent projects during intense crunch time. She is unshakeable, dependable, no-nonsense and that is just the beginning. She is able to look beyond a surface problem to see the heart of the issue. If you are a goal-driven executive on a fast track, you will move towards your milestones even faster with her assistance. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is truly a God-send to my business and my life.”

Carole B.

Carole Baker TV

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