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Natasha Bowles
Founder & CEO

Natasha Bowles is a naturally insightful powerhouse of a woman with a perception and vision that looks to make the impossible, possible. As an entrepreneur, writer, mother, speaker, executive assistant, lover of animals who has served on the board for an animal rescue, consultant, and digital nomad, she has provided freedom and exceptional support to her clients since 2016. Often referred to as “Wonder Woman” by her peers, tempt her with your hopes and dreams, and you’ll often be met with a smile and the words “That’s crazy! Let’s do it!” This attitude led to the creation of Natasha Bowles Professional Services, a remote staffing agency that supports the growth of your business and dreams. Natasha’s staff supports everyone from C-Level executives to creative types such as podcasters, authors, and coaches.


Alyssa Ross

Administrative Director

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Becky Brett

Nonprofit Client Account Manager

Alyssa is a naturally organized woman who enjoys bringing calm to others’ minds and worlds through digital and physical organization.  A client may give her a to-do list or instead say “help, I don’t know where to start!”, and Alyssa seamlessly steps into the chaos to usher in calm.  She works well with executives who like to brainstorm ideas as she can bring clarity to their vision.  As an English teacher, she is skilled in writing curriculum on a variety of topics and enjoys using the creative side of her brain to make the content as engaging for the audience as possible.  As a mom of a teenager, she understands perseverance, patience and the art of negotiation!


​Becky helps nonprofit leaders raise millions for their mission. She does this through a combination of one-on-one executive coaching, retreat facilitation, and fundraising strategy.  After 30 years in nonprofit–10 of them as an executive director–Becky has brought her expertise to support our clients through fundraising, leadership transition, organizational culture cultivation, strategic planning, and board development.  She is our top writer of grants and proposals, having won over $10M in funding for our clients in 2023 alone.


Natasa Hogue

Operations Manager


Mark Strickland-Burdette

Client Success Manager

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Lauren Estrada

Director of Public Relations

Born and raised in New England, Lauren graduated from Gordon College in Massachusetts, earning a B.A. in Marketing and Communications as well as an M.S. in Financial Analysis. She’s held multiple business titles at global non-profits, investment firms, and Christian organizations. She specializes in digital marketing including social media strategy, content creation, and branding. Alongside her passion for Marketing, Lauren has an entrepreneurial spirit and founded a watersports company in Chattanooga, TN with her husband, Noah, that he runs full-time. Outside of work, Lauren enjoys the outdoors, baking, traveling, and being an active volunteer in her community.

Natasa brings several years of remote leadership experience working for educational and corporate organizations in e-learning, research, compliance, marketing, quality assurance, and operations.  She claims " I thrive on developing and implementing frameworks and systems with entrepreneurship approaches founded on a servant leadership style."  She believes in focusing on continuous improvement processes and implementing strong foundations built on integrity. Outside of doing the work she loves, Natasa spends every possible minute with her husband and two young children exploring, learning, and growing together - navigating this interesting world! One of her most used quotes is: “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.” - Plutarch


Golden Moreno

Graphic Designer

Goldyn helps our clients build a modern and stylish website for their business. A part of what she does is help businesses generate social media content that can level up their marketing. She is a graphic designer and marketer who is always looking for new ways to express her creativity. She believes the world is constantly changing, and she wants to make sure that her work reflects the latest trends. Goldyn is also a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, and she believes that a positive mindset can help you to achieve anything you set your mind to.

In Colombia 7.jpg

Tiffany Acuff

Virtual Administrative Assistant 


Natalia Bautista

Social Media Virtual Assistant 

Natalia was born in Bogota, Colombia. She moved to the United States at the age of 9 with her parents and older brother. Natalia quickly had to learn English for school as when she arrived, she only knew how to say her name, age, and greetings. Helping others is something Natalia has always enjoyed doing, that is why she loves to volunteer at her church and wherever possible. She attained her BS Major in Human Resources & a Minor in Psychology from the University of Houston. She has 12 years of experience in the business world as an admin assistant, operations assistant, executive assistant, and social media manager. Dancing, exercising, gardening, reading, and spending time with her family, friends and pets are some of her favorite things to do. Her favorite life quote is: "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13


Maya Bryant

Senior Executive Assistant

“Though she be but little, she is Fierce” - William Shakesphere 


Maya has been tiny her entire life (currently standing at 5’0”) but she has also been fiercely passionate her entire life; about theatre, school and community. After Competing in Beauty Pageants for over a decade, becoming a first generation college graduate, and traveling across the state of North Carolina advocating for the Arts, she says with certainty each opportunity has led her to become more fiercely passionate about life. Maya has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from William Peace University in Raleigh, NC, a Master of Art in Communication from Liberty University and is currently earning her Master of Business Administration from Campbell University in  Buies Creek, North Carolina. Maya enjoys spending time with Family and Friends and loves all things Broadway! 

Tiffany hails from Ohio as a transplant from Oklahoma by way of Michigan!  Living in the Cincinnati area has enabled her family to pursue lots of new outdoor adventures. Kayaking, camping, and rock climbing are their favorites! Professionally, Tiffany has worked in one service industry or another for more than 20 years. Restaurant, retail customer service, wholesale customer service, nanny, and household management for a busy CEO are some of her most valuable roles in that field. Learning to troubleshoot, research, connect people with needs to people with matching means, and saying “yes” a lot more than she said “no” when asked to make something happen. Making professional lives simpler, so professionals can enjoy their personal lives more is what keeps her going in her own professional life.  In her personal life, she’s 18 years happily married to an amazing husband. Mother to three children and foster mom to three more (for now).  Being a foster family is our family’s way of serving our community in the best way we know how: to love people well with all we have regardless of the heartache that may come later. 

Navarro and horse_edited.jpg

Graphic Designer 

Mark Navarro 

Mark was born into a family of artists, designers and creative individuals. While pursuing studies in Illustration in art school, he discovered his love for graphic design and typography. It has been his profession and joy ever since. His work as an art director brought him to Galveston Island with his wife and their cat, who rules the house.

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